Agile Launchpad

Business agility launchpad

An immersive Agile experience

Our Business Agility Launchpad sessions allow you to discover more about Agile and explore the potential opportunities that it could bring to your organisation.


How does it work?

We’ll take you away from the stresses and strains of the day-to-day office to stay at an all-inclusive luxury country estate where you’ll be able to focus in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

All Launchpad residentials include full accommodation, all meals and refreshments, and full access to onsite facilities.

The Goal

The Launchpad lasts for 4 days and it has been designed so you have everything you need to set the foundation for optimum Business Agility. The benefits are far-reaching.


The Benefits

You will have the chance like never before, to be able to take a step back and gain a different perspective of your entire organisation. Its structure, culture, processes and value.

During the four days, our experienced team will guide you through our tried and tested model to transformation. This involves a series of strategy workshops, assessments, training and consultancy. 

2022 Agile Launchpad Schedule

Day 1 – Assess & Grow:
  • Agility Health assessmentWe’ll assess your current organisational agility, identifying priority improvement areas.

  • Agility Growth workshop – where you’ll learn the basics of Agile practices.

  • Social activity – time to have some fun, relax or discover your location.
Day 2 – Value & Focus
  • Value and Purpose workshop – Define where you are and where you want to be.

  • Measurable Outcomes workshop – You’ll identify clear measures of success for transformation based on value outcomes for the business.

  • Social activity – Time to have some fun, relax or discover your location.
Day 3 – Transform
  • Value Stream Mapping workshop

  • Kanban workshop – You’ll learn how to create a visual Kanban system to help support Agile teams.
  • Organisation Structure Review: Assess current structures and processes, explore options re-structuring the organisation to accommodate Agile practice.

  • Social activity 
Day 4 – Value & Focus
  • Senior Leadership Structure review – Review current C-Suite structure; notably Product Development, Operations, Finance and HR to create a strategy to break down silos in the organisation and bring alignment across all areas of the business

  • Agility Strategy Workshop – Create a strategy for transformation, identify a pilot team and learn how to upskill and scale.

  • Target Operating Model Workshop

  • End of Launchpad activity 

The bootcamp has been designed so that by the end of the four days you have everything in place to begin your Agile transformation. It gives you the chance to take a step back and gain a different perspective of your entire organisation.

Who is it for
Senior leadership teams

4 days

Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK

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Agilistic countryside retreat for leaders

Talk to us

If you would like to hear more about how we can help your business become more agile, please call 0800 044 8102 or email .

Speak with Steve

Get in touch with expert coach Steve to enquire about our next Launchpad for Senior Leadership teams.

Working with Steve has been truly refreshing and inspiring

Working with Steve has been truly refreshing and inspiring; as a Senior Leader it has provided me with the opportunity to really think about the shape of my team, understand the challenges we face and work collaboratively with my people to create a model that works for us and our wider stakeholders. Steve has really taken the time to listen, provide a space for open discussion and has provided invaluable support to me personally and the wider team; providing suggestions on our structure and operational practices to assure our success. There is a genuine excitement and motivation from the whole alliance to adopt to a new way of working, driving empowerment and decision making across the team (not just from the top) as well as learning and development opportunities for everyone. We have the senior support too that underpins our transition to our new working model; allowing us to slow down before we can speed up. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that without Steve we would still treading water trying not sink. Steve is our life raft and we’re now steering the ship!
Leana K.
Head of Decisioning, BT Consumer

Working with Steve has helped us challenge the status quo

Working with Steve has helped us challenge the status quo, open our leader’s eyes to better working practices and empowered the team to become more creative with their solutions. This transformation has been brought about by a new energy creating improved collaboration, trust and confidence, inspired by Steve’s approach through coaching and mentorship. Tough though at times, our leadership team bought into the need for change and with Steve’s guidance has created a robust structure with better processes, systems and tools. New roles and responsibilities have been created that make sense of this new Agile world, bringing diversity and growth within the team along with new opportunities for development.
Decisioning Manager
BT Marketing Communications

We wouldn’t be where we are today without Steve’s expertise and support.

Steve has supported our organisation’s Agile transformation with all aspects from Enterprise to Squad level coaching. He finds the opportunities, learns the business, and its complexities, to support our people through finding the right way to move forward. This may be through leadership, Alliances of 100+ people, or any other area that influences our people’s ability to be more agile. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Steve’s expertise and support.
Claire E.
Head of Transformation, BT Marketing Communications

Steve’s input helped change our culture for the better

Steve undertook a transformational change and staff development programme with UKHarvest. Steve supported me throughout the journey. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism, challenge, dedication, direction and time. Steve’s input helped change our culture for the better and has secured a positive future for our organisation. I cannot thank him enough.
Yvonne Thomson, CEO and Founder
UKHarvest (Food Waste Education Charity)
hsbc logo

Fast-track your development and expand your leadership

Steve has a thirst for learning and coaching teams to be their best! He has a passion for Agile and helping leaders and teams make the leap they often don’t know they need to make, or how to make! [...] His knowledge is second to none and you will find many nuggets of actionable insights and examples to help you fast-track your development and expand your leadership or coaching toolkit to help land truly transformation and beneficial change to your teams and customers.
Darren M.
Global Delivery Lead, Lending Division, HSBC Plc
City & Guilds Group

Great service ethic

Great service ethic and responds rapidly to requests for help, which is fantastic for anyone working with Agilistic. At National Training Awards (UK Skills) things move very rapidly and we all need to be kept up to date - Agilistic are brilliant at this and always willing to share their time and energy.
Carolyn Hooker
UK Ambassador, National Training Awards
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Insightful and engaging Agile training sessions

Agilistic supported our Agile transformation project at William Hill Online, working closely with our teams based within Central Products, Gibraltar. These teams work across a variety of programming disciplines, utilising both Kanban and Scrum with varied levels of experience in Agile. Agilistic demonstrated a deep knowledge of Agile principles and was happy to contribute with both theory and practical application, delivering insightful and engaging Agile training sessions. I feel their contributions added real value to the departments' acceptance, understanding, and application of Agile.
Stephen White
Product Owner, Customer Accounts, William Hill Plc
Vodafone Business

Agilistic truly stands out

Agilistic's versatility and ability to work across different areas of the business; from sales to marketing, product development and operations, together with their patience and ability to drive change in the way they think about building products and working with customers, truly stands them out.
Peter Forth
Head of Transformation, Vodafone Business
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A big difference

Agilistic provided the right mix of skills, experience and teamwork necessary to make this a very successful project for Pentaho. As this was our first large implementation project, they made a big difference in making this the success that it is. I am not sure we would have pulled it off without them.
Sam Hon
VP Global Professional Services, Pentaho

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