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Common organisational problems

That large organisations are struggling to stay ahead of their competition due to constantly, disruptive markets, is no big secret – no matter what industry they are in. Whether you are struggling to generate profit, value or improve your employee retention – here are some examples on how Agile practices can help your organisation face change:


Common organisational problems

#1 – Employee burnout

Are your employees feeling overworked, under appreciated, lacking motivation and experiencing low morale? They are experiencing burnout – something very common in large organisations that operate in high-pressured, disrupted markets.

How Agile practices can help


A huge factor as to why your employees may be experiencing burnout is the rigid deadlines and fixed timeframes. Agile working relies on short incremental goals that are constantly reviewed. That way, your teams will be making progress, and solving issues as they go along.

#2 – Team restructuring 
Have you tried restructuring teams in your workplace to help improve productivity and efficiency but the opposite outcome has occurred? Are the new work teams not gelling, struggling to communicate and failing to complete projects to a high standard?

Introducing an Agile workplace culture can help your organisation to play to people’s strengths so they can work at their highest potential. This means, more responsive, efficient, and empowered teams.

#3 – No cross-team collaboration

Are your teams working in silos? When working in large organisations, it’s common for teams and individuals to have no communication with other parts of the organisation which can leave people feeling isolated, stunt creativity and collaboration and cause details to be missed.


Agile working encourages in-depth communication between teams, regular check-ins and time for asking each other questions which breaks down the traditional barriers working in silos can bring. This means more productive and efficient working teams.

#4 – Wanting to deliver more and faster

Do you feel your workplace could be delivering a higher quantity and quality of products/services and at a faster rate? Are you struggling to expand your output levels, while delivering value and hitting deadlines? 


Agile practices  will help you uncover the issues that could be causing delays and wasted time in your teams and processes, allowing your organisation to deliver more and at a faster speed. Get an idea of how Agilistic coaches businesses with Agile practices.

#5 – Losing market share 

Do you feel new, more agile competitors are gaining valuable market share? Is your traditional workplace culture slowing you down? Are your processes outdated?


An Agile way of working allows organisations to become flexible and responsive. If an Agile workplace culture is being practiced, there is no reason why you can’t respond quickly and effectively to new trends and technology.

#6 – Lack of strategic focus and direction

Does it feel as if everyone in your organisation is just plodding along? With no real rhyme or reason? With large organisations this can happen very easily due to the sheer volume of employees and different departments within the organisation.


Agile working practices can help with redefining strategic goals and employees feeling like they have more direction. This is due to communicative nature of Agile, (where everyone is involved including leadership teams) and the small incremental tasks will help employees to know what they are doing and why.

#7 – Stagnating product innovation

Do you feel there is a lack of innovation in your organisation and it is stopping you from staying ahead of your competitors? Innovation can often be overlooked when teams and individuals are too overloaded with their day-to-day tasks, and they lack time to evaluate the quality of their work while adding value.


Agile working practices can boost innovation by introducing continuous improvements. By working in smaller incremental stages it allows for evaluation, test and implementation at each stage. This means mistakes and blocks can be spotted and solutions can be found quicker in the process.

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